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Yellow & White Gold Anklets, Silver Anklets

In modern days, anklet bracelets are accessories used to adorn feet. Anklets are beautifully designed with small charms, beads and a variety of symbols like animals, flowers and hearts. Sometimes anklets are given to special friends to symbolize friendship


Sterling Silver Ruby Corundum Anklet $37.92 Sterling Silver Shadow Crystal, Lapis Anklet $30.24 Sterling Silver Solid Polished Heart Link Bracelet $29.58
Sterling Silver Strawberry Quartz Anklet $17.73 Sterling Silver Yellow CZ Anklet $34.11 14K Gold 2.2mm 9” Solid Polished Cable Anklet $183.02
14K Gold 2.4mm Concave Figaro Link Anklet $125.86 14K Gold 3.0mm Concave Figaro Anklet $184.86 14K Gold 8.75mm Hand-Polished Fancy Flat Anchor Link Anklet $1 859.76
14K Gold 9” Solid Polished Fancy Link Anklet $312.68 14K Tri-Color Gold Dangling Heart Anklet $311.18 14K Two-Tone Dangling Disc Anklet $241.98
14K Two-Tone Dangling Fancy Shapes Anklet $279.66 14K Two-Tone Filigree Link Anklet $162.20 14K White Gold 1.2mm Rope Anklet 10″ $133.88
14K White Gold 2mm Rope Anklet $174.84 14K White Gold Blue Enameled Butterfly Anklet 10″ $137.52 14K White Gold Dangling Synthetic Pearl Anklet $225.36
14K White Gold Double Open Heart Anklet $216.38 14K White Gold Satin & Polished Heart Link Anklet $237.28 14K Yellow Gold 0.8mm Lite-Baby Rope Anklet $25.68
14K Yellow Gold 1.1mm Singapore Anklet $35.08 14K Yellow Gold 1.25mm Parisian Wheat Anklet $124.44 14K Yellow Gold 1.2mm Diamond-cut Spiga Anklet $81.60

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